Slick City Shit! - 15 Years Switchstace

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Artist: Various Artists

Cat.No: SRCD 007

Format: digital download & CD


01. Ancient Astronauts – Planetary Ordinary
02. Broken Puppets - Devils Of Digital
03. Deela – Carruseles
04. Kabanjak – Don´t Worry feat. Sitali (Reggae Remix)
05. Ancient Astronauts – Waiting To X-Plode feat. Poldoore
06. Broken Puppets – News Of Tomorrow Pt. 1
07. Protassov – Gathering Clouds
08. Deela – That´s No Bluff
09. Ancient Astronauts – Anything You Want To Be feat. Motormouf
10. Broken Puppets – News Of Tomorrow Pt. 2
11. Broken Puppets – Burn
12. Ancient Astronauts – The Enemy Within feat. Asphate & DJ TouchNice (Remix)
13. Deela – Latin Blaster
14. Kabanjak – Don´t Worry feat. Sitali (Deela Afro House Remix)
15. Protassov – Moments Of Inertia
16. Broken Puppets – News Of Tomorrow Pt. 3
17. Ancient Astronauts – From Dub Till Dawn
18. Kabanjak - Ketama Dub (Dubbzy & Conbud NightCrawler Remix)
19. Deela – Octa Fuzz
20. Kabanjak – Rhythm feat. Azeem (Razoof Remix)




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Slick City Shit! – 15 Years Switchstance


15 years of Switchstance Recordings already?! Time indeed flies when you're having fun.


Within this period, Switchstance Recordings has made a global name for itself as a truly independent label, steadily delivering dope beats, organic grooves and positive vibes. To commemorate its 15th anniversary, label head Tom Strauch has dug deep in the treasure trove of unreleased Switchstance material to break out some real Slick City Shit!


The album presents 20 tracks altogether – unheard remixes of classic tunes as well as recent material from the tight-knit family of Switchstance artists: Ancient Astronauts, Deela, Kabanjak and Protassov are all featured here, presenting their trademark styles in-between Hip Hop, Dope and Broken Beats, Reggae and even some Cumbia or Afro House.


Slick City Shit! also unveils Switchstance Recordings' latest musical outfit: Broken Puppets is the tag team of duo Ancient Astronauts and Brooklyn rapper Azeem. Within the last three years, these musicians have formed a trans-atlantic brotherhood of seriously true-school Hip Hop and will present their first album on Switchstance Recordings in 2017.


Among the featured guests on the compilation there are vocalists such as rappers Asphate (USA) and Motormouf (UK) or singer Sitali of Thievery Corporation as well as collaborating producers like Poldoore from Belgium and DJ TouchNice (USA). Remixes  are delivered by Dubbzy & Conbud, Razoof and the Switchstance bunch themselves.


Clocking in at 71 minutes, Slick City Shit! represents the Switchstance Recordings spirit at its realest: Informed by the past while embracing the present, head in the clouds with the feet firmly on the ground, never giving in to the short-term trappings of musical „trends“ but sticking to the vision laid out 15 years ago. Time may fly – this Slick City Shit! does too.


Daniel Giebel