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Artist: Deela

Cat.No: SRDR 040

Format: digital  



  1. Asi Soy feat. Maria Garcia Lora (Remix Radio Edit)
  2. Asi Soy feat. Maria Garcia Lora (Remix)
  3. Asi Soy feat. Maria Garcia Lora (Protassov Remix)
  4. Asi Soy feat. Maria Garcia Lora (Dub Remix)
  5. Que Sera feat. Maria Garcia Lora (Remix)
  6. Killo feat. Maria Garcia Lora (Remix)
  7. Asi Soy (Remix Radio Edit Instrumental)
  8. Asi Soy (Remix Instrumental)
  9. Asi Soy (Dub Remix Instrumental)
  10. Asi Soy (Dub Mix Melodica Instrumental)
  11. Que Sera (Remix Instrumental)
  12. Killo (Remix Instrumental)





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Deela - Asi Soy REVISITED


After his acclaimed 2012 album “Rumbullion” DEELA has put out some killer tracks on Switchstance Recordings, Shango Records and Shika Shika Records. Not to mention his reinterpretations of some Hip Hop and Reggae classics blending them with heavy Cumbia Flavors on his self - released Skulltura series. 


While working on a collaboration with Raggabund´s Paco Mendoza DEELA has also has been busy remixing artists like Gato Preto, Anthony B or Mustafa Akbar, giving them his tropical trademark sound.


On this EP DEELA highlights his collaborations with Spanish vocalist Maria Garcia Lora by giving  them a remix treatment ranging from booty-shaking tropical bass down to the deep basslines of Dub Reggae. Classical Switchstance producer Protassov is also on the boat adding his trademark breakbeat and 80´s synth charm to it.


Release: May 18th, 2018