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Artist: Ancient Astronauts & Asphate

Cat.No: SRDR 039

Format: digital  


01.       SUFFOC-HATE       

02.       SUFFOC-HATE (Instrumental)  





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Ancient Astronauts & Asphate - SUFFOC-HATE


After having this song released as a free download exclusively through Bandcamp for nearly 3 years now we thought it deserves a proper worldwide release. 


The serious problem of police brutality in the USA, mostly against people of colour, did not disappear but it reached sad peaks in history, reminiscing of the old days of slavery and open racism. With the current president in power it looks as if this won't change in the near future. 


This song is dedicated to all those people who died through the hands of those who are there 'to serve and protect'. 


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'This is the burning illustration of a sad song whose tune has never changed. These are the stifled voices of those who would be that change. Their tears are the rain to put the fire out.' 
Asphate, August 2015



Release: April 13th, 2018